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October Update

October was another busy, productive and successful month at APL Associates. 31 clients started services and we facilitated 28 placements. Kudos to our client, coaches and referral partners. Employers include:

Ivy League Cleaning


S&S Active Wear



The Goddard School of Ewing

Merola Tile


Burlington Coat Factory

Dollar Tree

Retro Fitness


Metropolitan Billing

And others

I can’t believe that we are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and while I am generally enthusiastic about the work we all do together and often reflect on how important SE programs are, it is particularly this time of year when I am most personally moved by all that we all do together with our clients. Holidays can be either really fun or really tough depending on what is going on in your life and I am so proud to be part of a team encompassing the larger APL Associates, DVRS, DDD, the various support coordination agencies, the network of ancillary support agencies and the employers we work with day in and day as I know there are HUNDREDS of APL Clients who are a fraction of the THOUSANDS of DOL and DDD clients who will sit down to dinner on Thanksgiving in a couple of weeks and feel just that much better about themselves. So many will be thankful for their jobs, their coaches, their counselors and all the support they receive. Indeed Daniel and I are so thankful to be able to do what we do and are so grateful for our team and for your partnership.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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