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December Update

Happy New Year!

2017 ended strongly for APL and our clients. For November + December, we received 35 referrals and facilitated 36 placements. Kudos to our clients, coaches and referral partners.

Employers include:



Duke Teleservices

Peapack-Gladstone Bank

HMS Host


Lord & Taylor

Stop and Shop



Preakness Health

Caring with Compassion

Alaris Health




And others.

At the close of the year, APL Associates was approved to begin offering Pre-ETS services. Drawing from our experience offering pre-placement, job sampling, Job Coaching and LTFA to a wide range of clients, including many who are referred to us as they transition from school and entering the workforce for the first time, we have organized a curriculum to cover:

  • Community Based Situational Assessments (CBSA)

  • Resume Building

  • Dress for Success

  • Interview Preparation and Follow-up

  • Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Understanding Employer Expectations

  • Self Advocacy

  • Speaking up for yourself

  • Asking for what you need

  • Negotiating

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities

  • Finding and using resources

  • Developing on the job supports

APL’s Pre-ETS effort is spearheaded by one of our senior coaches (8+ years experience), Michele Ewaskiewicz who is also an adjunct professor at Camden County Community College as part of the Garden State Pathways Program. Her experience and perspective will be invaluable as we also offer Counseling and Guidance services vis-à-vis transition.

We have already attended several local office staff meetings to discuss Pre-ETS and are happy to meet with additional offices as well. Please feel free to reach out as we look forward to working with you all.

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