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Weekly Update March 7, 2022

The week of February 28th was productive and successful for APL Associates and our clients. We are pleased to report the following combined, aggregate activity for our clients referred via programs administered by DVRS, CBVI and DDD:



Sam’s Club

Home Depot



Party City


Outback Steakhouse


Home 2 Suites



Chelsea Toms River

Lifetime Fitness

Our coaches continue to be available to our clients on a seamless, full-time basis:

Supported Employment

463 clients working

114 clients in job development

8 clients furloughed

208 in-person coaching sessions

319 virtual coaching sessions


96 active clients

8 clients on-hold

22 in-person coaching session

45 virtual coaching sessions

Our coaches continue to be available to offer in-person coaching for those clients who are comfortable meeting in person and we also offer a robust and seamless virtual coaching paradigm for those clients who require support but would prefer not to meet in person. Our results reflect the dedication of our team who have not missed a beat and pivoted immediately to offer seamless support to our clients when the pandemic began to wreck havoc in March 2020.

We continue welcome new referrals and will assign a local job coach to work with your client straightaway, with no delay.

As always, we are available to answer any questions or comments.


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