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May Update

May was another busy and productive month at APL Associates. We received 26 referrals and facilitated 18 placements. Kudos to our clients, coaches and partners.

Employers include:

Red Toys



Today’s Learning Center

Holiday Care Center



Whole Foods and others

I’d like to highlight a few client stories that were discussed at our most recent staff meeting:

JC is a former police officer with a MS who now uses a walker and cane. Initial job goal was to find a position that was security related sue to client’s career in law enforcement but it became clear that the client’s physical limitations would prevent a “standard” security job. Coach reached out to a security/investigations company owned by a former trooper and worked to carve out a role doing investigative work from home. Coach also arranged for the company to receive “On-the-Job Training” funds and is arranging for client to receive funding to modify his automobile. We have so far used only 3.75 hrs for the PP voucher.

DP secured a P/T job (with counselor approval) at the USPS making weekend deliveries several months ago with the help of his coach who also provided job coaching. Recently, the client returned to PP in order to secure FT employment. DP and his coach identified job leads, including a FT position with the USPS, worked on interview preparation while applying to that position and others and was just hired for a FT position with the USPS.

ZR is a client on the spectrum who has a degree in Sports Marketing. With the news legalizing sports betting in NJ hot off the press, secured a position as a ticket writer for legal sports betting with William Hill at the Monmouth Raceway with the help of his coach who identified the position and helped ZR pursue it.

BT just secured a PT position as a Professor of Philosophy at Felician University with the help of her job coach who along with identifying the opportunity and working on interview preparation, helped the client remain focused on succeeding and not perseverate on anxieties that have been crippling.

These stories really made my week and highlight the individualized client centered methodology that is the cornerstone of our approach at APL Associates. We continue to add to our team and so we welcome additional referrals with no delay or waiting list.

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